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    I was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, spent the first nine years in the inner city, then moved to the country. I graduated from Wayzata H.S., received an honorable discharge from the U.S. Army, worked for the rail and transportation industry for twelve years and attended college part time studying philosophy, exercise, and nutrition at North Hennepin J.C. and Loyola Marymount in California.
    Exercise, Martial Arts and a strong competitive nature were present as a child. I was a multi-award winner in track and field in grade school. I worked out side by side with Jack Lalane on the T.V. and fought for survival on the inner city streets. My junior high years were spent in football, baseball, wrestling, Martial Arts and ski team. By high school I had adjusted my focus to the ski team and Martial Arts. In skiing I progressed into ballet, freestyle and down hill slalom racing. I won two bronze and one silver medal on the national amateur racing circuit and went on to teach skiing.
    Martial Arts, the true love which has consumed most of my life began in 1971 with wrestling, Judo, and Kung Fu. In 1977 I began teaching a blend of the three, but found my interests expanding and my competitive nature burning. I began studying karate in 1977 and entered my first competition in 1978. In the sixth match of the day I won my division with a first round knock out. Three months later I took victory at the Midwest Karate and Judo Championships, setting the stage for my fight career, as well as for seeking a deeper understanding of the Martial Arts, fitness, and spirit.
    My rail work took me around the country, but I settled in L.A. It was there that I studied with some of the best and most recognized in the world from the fields of exercise, bodybuilding, and Martial Arts. The turning point of my career and studies came in the 1980's when I met and trained with world kickboxing champion Rod Kei. I soon found myself fighting before sell out crowds and live T.V., thrusting me head first into the full contact arena. Taking my training to world famous Benny "The Jets" training facility, I became a licensed resident fighter, working as an assistant fight and production coordinator, stunt team member, licensed professional cut and corner man, and trainer/coach,
    In 1993 I decided to take my success in kickboxing and personal training back to my roots in Minnesota to establish my own facility. Prior to the opening of RICO'S I worked as a personal trainer and karate/kickboxing teacher at "The Gym" and Lifetime Fitness. Upon returning to Minnesota I met and married my wife Colleen and son Jake.
    Over the years I have studied Judo, Karate, Kung Fu, Western Boxing, Muay Thai and Americanized Kickboxing and Grappling. I've competed nationally and internationally in full contact kickboxing, capturing several championship titles. I'm a licensed cut and corner man who has worked over 20 world title bouts. I was a professional trainer and coach at Gold's Gym in Venice, California, a member of the IDEAS Trainer's Association and the body building hall of fame. I have dedicated my life to expanding my knowledge of Martial Arts and fitness in order to better assist others in reaching their physical and mental goals. NO! I am not retired.